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thanks for playing brother!

I had fun with this one! Great atmosphere very tense and the ps1 graphics are perfect. I broke it by the end but it just made it hilarious. Thank you!

glad you liked the game ❤️

Gameplay aqui do Brasil. Quem é BR e quiser ver 


valeu maninho!

I really love the concept of this game! It gave me some real heebie jeebies!!! Good job Devs!!!

Thank you ❤️

Loved the Game ,to bad about the game being buggy still .but the game being glitched still made it funny for me especially in the end.

Thank you ❤️

thnx for developing it,hope the bugs get worked out

They will, and some major changes to the game are coming 👀

very good, even though there are still bugs but some have been fixed in version 1.02, even though this is gameplay 1.01 I think I think the storyline needs to be improved again and the window function is only to see the dark forest, but the horror impression is good, continue bro...

Thank you ❤️

Absolutely scared me, Here's my gameplay! :D 


LOVED THIS GAME! GREAT JOB 10/10. Game definitely had me on edge the whole time! Props to you man. Cant wait till this comes out!


A creepy game, loved it!


thank you!!!

This game is wild! props to the team!

thank you

Really fun demo, as far as I know the only way the game ends is when you die, but I'm loving everything so far! 

hey, more endings coming soon

Hey awesome game!! I was really excited to play this game, it's been a long time i haven't played something like this you did an amazing job, i really liked the mechanics and the style all very good, anyway i hope you continue with your project keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


Valeu por jogar! E sim, o jogo foi feito por 🇧🇷

Its pretty interesting! I kinda want to play the full version when it comes out. Here's the gameplay I did for the demo. 

thanks for playing

truely a scary game.. GREAT JOB ! excited for full version if you have not, check my gameplay of it. :)

thank you brother

Hey! I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong as I went downstairs after checking the window and tried to open the door or escape through the window but it didn't work, or is that the only ending in the demo version? 

btw excellent game, eager to see it finished!


Hey! you did nothing wrong, we are working hard to add a lot more endings to the final version !

Oh, thanks for the reply and good luck with the development I'm looking forward to seeing the other endings :]


Interesting demo, it went weird at the end though.


Thanks for playing!

Why is This perv so determined 

Thank you for playing !

pretty scary game ngl! 

thank you for playing ✌️

Sehr geils Spiel.. hat mir bisschen Fears to Fathom Vibes gegeben :D

Thank you for playing ❤️

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Game is made really well! was confused about the ending? let me know if I did something wrong! overall. good job! Very nice font choice on here as well! Second game in my 3 scary games

You did nothing wrong brother! The game is not finished yet, soon a version will come out with more endings to get and with a conclusion. Thanks for playing ❤️

It's a very cool game and the setting is fantastic! I hope that the full version of the game can be released since it has incredible potential.
Demo Complete Here con subtitulos en Español no olvides activarlos primero.

It will be finished with a bunch of new things to do 🙂

Wow, nice work!

Thanks ❤️

This Was Awesome!

Thank you!

Great use of sounds, especially when you can tell the enemy is nearby. Only gripe is that you had to hold f to use the flashlight, not sure if that was a bug or not. Great work otherwise!

Yeah, the flashlight button was a design choice, that will be fixed in the final version. Thanks for playing !



thanks! ❤️

it's the second game i played in the video. it was cool and scared the hell outta me. 

Thank you ❤️

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This game is bugged, but I see potential in it.

Thanks for playing ❤️

Thanks for the experience!

Good game! looking forward for your next project... :)

Thanks for playing ❤️



Thanks for playing ❤️


زي الزفت كلها قلتشات NICE GAME BRO 

Thanks for playing ❤️

I'm embarrassed. I saw the intruder first but I still managed to get jumpscared lol.



thank you for playing!

Jogo interessante, esse estilo gráfico psx é muito bom

Interesting game, this graphics style psx is very good

obrigado ❤️

Great game! I'm looking forward to the next part :)

glad you liked it, more content coming soon!


Very fun scary gaem 

thank you for playing ❤️

Pretty scary game... Had great fun playing it ;D

thanks for playing ❤️

This Game Depends If It Is Long Or Over 30 Minutes


who knows 🤫, Thanks for playing❤️


you bet, more content soon!


oh damn! cant wait

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The bug has officially been fixed, well done for the demo. And secondly, i love this home invasion horror game as well, keep it up.


thank you for playing ❤️

First off, I absolutely love the style and the premise of this game. Home invasion already freaks me out and up until the guy actually appears it's done REALLY well.. 

I see a few other people have a lot of the same criticisms that I do so I don't really want to harp on them too much. I go much more in depth on my thoughts in the video but I'll summarize a few things here.

I don't understand why there's a "VHS effect when there's obviously no camera. I'm not a big fan of those effects/filters anyway but that's more of a subjective thing.

The game looks amazing but it doesn't feel amazing to play. It's tough to describe but using the menu and opening doors feels very finicky.

I tried for a while to find some way to get an ending that wasn't just dying to the guy. That's fine and all but if the only way to get the game's ending is to die then having defensive items is a bit misleading. It just makes me think I have to find something. Maybe I do but that was just my experience.

Aside from all that smaller stuff I want to reiterate that I really like the game. These are just criticisms that come from a place of wanting to see the game improve. Good luck with making this into a full game! Looking forward to seeing more 

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